My talk today at Western Connecticut State University was a smash! The college really made me feel welcomed and appreciated with a professional AV set-up all ready to roll and a huge catered spread including a large cake reading “Congratulations Erin Zaffis, MAMA, March 11th”! It was cut and being eaten before i got a picture of it 😛 yummmm

Lot of students in attendance, and faculty, to hear about how I was inspired by my experiences with birth to create MAMA and why I believe we need to achieve cultural change when it comes to how birth is viewed in this country. I’ve been asked to talk to a Medical Anthropology class there in April, as well, which I’m excited about. Advocating for women’s informed choice and autonomy in pregnancy and birth is my passion, and I will jump at any opportunities to discuss it. The question and answer session afterwards was lively; lot of great questions and commentary, I was so happy all these young people were engaged and interested in this topic, even though the vast majority of them were not mothers themselves, I’m honored that I was able to plant some seeds. I am really hoping I can take MAMA on the road and do more college lectures like this, so if anyone has a connection to that extent, please contact me!

I was touched that my mother, sister, neighbor and a group of my close friends from high school showed up to support me and hear what I had to say. Much love! Here is a picture from today, taken by my sister who was sitting at the “merch” table. Aren’t my Mamadonna’s little butts so cute?! 😉

I am also looking for a gallery or artspace that would like to host MAMA for a Mothers Day event this year. I could also do a (bit shorter) presentation/talk for such an even too, again, contact me if you have a connection!



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  1. Congrats Erin! I love the little Mamadonnas! I definitely have my eye on a gold or silver or red one. My students read about Venus of Willendorf just the other day, and I think seeing a Mamadonna would make an impression. BTW I saw your show! I went Saturday. My two favorite Mama pieces were right next to each other on one column. I noticed a few other people checking out the show too. Congrats again 🙂

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