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As some of you know, I recently earned a Master of Arts in Integrated Health and Healing. The program I was enrolled in at The Graduate Institute  introduced me to the myriad of ancient and modern complementary and alternative healing modalities. Expressive Arts, of course, was one that resonated strongly with me, but I also did a mentorship in energy healing and became very interested in shamanism, acupuncture and homeopathy. What I noted about most of these modalities is that they are focused on the energy body; the inseparable aspect of the body that is unseen. Western medicine focuses solely on the physical body, tissues and body chemistry, applying harsh methods of healing through surgery or toxic pharmaceuticals. Western medicine has admitted to the role of proper nutrition to good health, but this still follows along the lines of a mechanistic/reductionist perception of the body.

What I learned is that there is much more that can be done to encourage healing at the subtle energy level, which does not involve cutting the body, harsh chemicals, or even ingesting essential and beneficial nutrients. A lot of it may sound like religion, or ancient religious practices, and certainly ancient healing arts were very much tied to spiritual beliefs and practices. What is now being realized is that spirituality and science really do align, at the quantum level. Skeptical?? Check out Lynn McTaggart’s, The Field, or Bruce Liptons, Biology of Belief if you are interested in the hard, scientific evidence to support the idea that spirituality, energy and thoughts have as much impact on health and healing, if not more, than physical and biochemical approaches. I also recommend Twilight of the Clockwork God, if you’re interested in an overview of how scientists are discovering there is much more at work than meets the eye.

When I sat down to make the rewards I owed the generous supporters to my Kickstarter campaign, I had all these ideas in mind. I wanted to make art objects that were not only beautiful, but could help heal the mind, body and spirit. I truly believe art is most powerful as a healing agent when participated in, but I also believe in its power to heal through its aesthetic beauty, intention, shared meaning and even the materials used have a certain energy that can have an effect on us. So far I have created two new items I will be selling (in person or through my Etsy shop, for the time being) that I believe promote health through ALL of these means.


This is a “Crystal Healing Tree” (as it is being tentatively called). I made this one for my dad as a Christmas gift this year, I have made 6 others, all of which I’ve given as gifts or sold. I’ve made them in many different shapes and sizes, like real trees, which I have modeled them after. I have always loved trees; I love their beauty, smell, strength and support, and their silent wisdom, the kind that resonates from beings that have been living on this planet much longer than we have. One of my very favorite childhood activities was tree climbing, it was like a sport for me! I am also fascinated with the the implication, and irony, of combining natural, or “God made” objects with things that are man made. I think a major key to our continued survival on this planet lies in our ability to innovate ways of working in harmony with what resources and ecology that the earth provides instead of merely exploiting it. I have created these trees as a symbol of this concept, which helps promote it on a subconscious/cultural level. I also put healing intention in it through the materials I use; real tree roots and branches, copper and crystals. I believe the real tree remnants hold the energy, and wisdom, of the tree. I choose the crystal, custom chosen for my father in this case, for it’s specific healing spectrum (based on it’s healing uses over the ages). The copper wire, the man-made part of the equation, is said to help strengthen and straighten the energy from the crystal. I put one of these in my bedroom and felt it was working the way I intended it to! Soon after I sold it, but I will tell you, I’ll be making another one soon for keeps!


This is an object I’m really excited about. I call it, “The Mamadonna”. This is intended most strongly as a subconscious level/morphic field/cultural healing object, but I also incorporated the small crystal, in this case a moonstone, which is believed to be the stone of femininity and help regulate female cycles. This is an object that can be displayed for it’s beauty and psychic energy, a visual focal point, or held in the hand for tactile stimulation. It is hard to express in words how it feels holding it in your hand; strangely comforting and empowering is how I’d best describe it. In my Masters program, I learned how the arts are an exaggerated expression of the comforts of our relationship with our mother. Figures like the Venus of Willendorf, uncovered by archaeologists and believed to symbolize the deity of ancient Goddess worshiping civilizations, are among the very first accounts of human art and support this theory. I made the Mamadonna as a modern-day Venus of Willendorf. I see it not only empowering women on their life journey, and in particular in preparation for motherhood including childbirth, but influencing the noosphere towards equality for women. I’m not talking about equal rights, which we at least do have for the most part (on paper anyway), but equal value. I’m not even talking about the human value, either, but the spiritual value. Our culture does not value female ways of being; caring, nurturing, gentle, soft, vulnerable, open, accepting, etc. The world will not heal until femininity as a whole, the female gender, is valued. Here is a very minor example: I had to count change for a coffee today, and the nice boy ringing me up (at a progressive-minded,  health food store) said he just saw a man with a “manly” change purse and was excited because he feels he can finally get one; he hates all the loose change in his pockets all the time. Why does an object which helps you be better organized have to be “manly” for men to feel it’s acceptable for them? Women have earned the right and acceptance to do “man” things, to a pretty large extent, but men still feel it is somehow demeaning to be in any way like a woman. As boy growing up in America, the labels “girly”, “sissy”, “pussy” and “gay” are all insults because they are associated with being a female. This poor boy was as innocent as they come, and completely oblivious to this offense. However frustrating, instead of fighting the cultural disease of sexism with my voice, I choose to heal it with my art. This is the intention behind the Mamadonna. It is the exaggerated expression of the beauty, compassion, creativity and strength of the Feminine Divine. I do not feel we can heal the world until we ditch patriarchy and embrace egalitarianism; valuing the strengths of each gender equally. I consider the Mamadonna my sort of “affirmative action” towards this type of existence. I would love to give them away for free, just to get them out there, but due to time and cost of materials I must charge for them, although if they take off I hope to streamline their production and lower the price. Please purchase one and spread the rEVOLution!!

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  1. The Crystal Healing Tree and Mamadonna are lovely!

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